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    New jet ski owner in need of advice

    Hey Everyone,
    I just purchased a 97 Kaw STX 1100 and a 95 STS 750. They were winterized two years ago but have been outside under a tarp since. And we have pretty harsh winters here in Northern Michigan. My question is basically how I should proceed I. Getting them going without damaging anything and also whether I should do the oil block kit that everyone is talking about instead of leaving the oil injection in them. I want to learn as much about them as I can so please tell me everything you know about them and I will be grateful. By the way I got the two skis and the two place shorelander trailer for $1,200.00 so hopefully I won't ever lose money on the deal no matter what happens with them. Thanks for the help guys!!!

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    Welcome aboard, Britdaddy!

    Obviously, you'll have to drain the old fuel and refill with fresh. There's a good chance that the carbs will be gummed up, so don't be surprised if you have to overhaul them. As far as the oil lines, I've kept the oil injection systems on all of my 'Skis. Pre-mix is NOT foolproof. If a carb gets gummed up, you still end up with no oil, and trash in the carbs is probably the most common problem we see here.

    Replace the hoses with polyurethane hose and secure with stainless steel safety wire.

    The first time you put them in the water, remove the seat and check for any leakage around the driveshaft--very common.

    Because of age, you'd need to inspect all the hoses. Very likely you'll have to replace some that are mushy or brittle.

    One other thing, on the 1100, I would recommend that you remove the front cover of the engine and clean out the cooling passage underneath the oil pump. They get fill with junk. Also, I'd replace the two ball bearings on the oil pump drive. I've found some of them that were bad and that can cause lubrication failure. It requires (2)6901 2RS sealed bearings. They're a lot cheaper if you and find them locally than buying from Kawasaki.

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