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    Polaris 780 bogging but runs on trailer.

    Hello. Last year I rebuilt my 780. Installed new piston went through the carbs and converted to premix 32:1(bypassed oil sensor with resistor). I finally got it in the water last month for a break in. I ran it for a couple hours to break in the rings. 2nd trip out ran it for an hour with no problems. 3rd trip ski died a couple times when running full throttle but started back up on first crank. Got into the surf and ran 1/2 throttle. Used the ski a couple of times to run out bait that same trip but ski would bog down and never get accelerate 3200 rpm when full throttle. So after researching thought it was in Limp mode or plugs where fouled. I cleaned plugs and flushed and ski ran good. 4th trip ski would never accelerate and bogged 3200 rpm. Check compression and middle cylinder seamed low but got up to 120 when ski was running. Today I opened the cylinder and the middle cylinder looks bad. After researching looks like it is running lean and might need to adjust carbs just dreading taking carbs off....would ski shutting off be related to a carb issue.

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