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    Land shark need help

    A land shark took a piece out of my ski, and I,m not sure the best way to fx it.Ican fix small holes and have alittle knowledge of light body work,but this is another animal.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	335584If some could fill me in on what I need to do I would appreciate it, thanks

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    Hello Rotax Fan, you are somewhat lucky in that the damage is to the gunnel bumper guard/rail. This can be repaired by purchasing a fiberglass repair kit. You will need to build several layers of fiberglass on this section. it is not that hard to do but very messy & the fumes are strong. Start by removing the rubber bumper rail. then sand and smooth out all the jagged edges this will make it a little larger ... but help in the repair. Fallow the instructions for mixing the resin & hardner. You will have to do this in batches. Place your 1st strip of fiber glass and maybe up to three. Then it will have to harden (about a day). Then get the marine epoxy, mix it and start to build up small layer @ a time. Do this until you get the surface area & desired height. Then the sanding comes ..... a lot of it. This is not that big of a job, but it is a few days. This is a DIY job, and you will be amazed @ what you can achieve. Besides once you replace the guard/bump rail it will be fine. Good Luck

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    Thanks for the info Ozark!should I start with strips of fiberglass on back first to have something to work from or does it matter?

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