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    Has anyone ever flipped a Yamaha SUV?

    I was talking to some people at work about the stability of the SUV. I use mine for fishing and made the statement that I'm not sure that there's anything I could do to flip it while just floating with the engine off. I dropped a floating ruler off the side one time. In order to reach it. I sat in the footwell, held on to the handlebar, and reached out as far as I could and the SUV still wouldn't flip. I'm a big guy, about 6'2" and 240, and it still refused to roll over even with practically all of my body weight hanging over the side.

    Got me wondering if anyone has ever flipped one in any conditions. Engine on or engine off. I mean, I know, it's possible. But if you have flipped yours, what were you doing to make it go over?

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    we went to the moon , so yes everything is possible under the right circumstances, i saw one with three people on board flipped .

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    I have seen a pontoon of all things flipped over, and of course the Concordia flipped, as well as the Posidon so I believe anything can be flipped. However, the SUV is about as stable a pwc as there is.

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    the fun part will be after you flip it. Getting it right side up.

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