2000 Genesis carb no spark. this is what I have done so far

New battery.....putting out 11 volts during [email protected] the battery but where would I check this in the electrical box?

tested kill switch at the bars, But again where should I check it in the box?

no shorts on the stator checked ohms and hall effect triggers with the 9v battery

I did find two things

no power on the hall effect brown/gray while cranking checked at the plug. And huge resistance on the gray ground wire between the plug and where it connects in the box. If I power the gray wire I don't loose any volts between the plug and the end of the gray so I don't think that's the problem. however I would think I would get voltage on my meter from the brown and gray if not then what is broken? also does the orange wire start stop patch apply to carbed skis also or is that just for FI rigs..