Can anyone tell me the correct torque for the exhaust manifold bolts on a 800 DI. I am having problems breaking them. I have aligned the cylinders correctly after a top end and broke the bolts again after a fer hours of running. I am running gaskets and have not used a torque wrench when putting bolts in. I have used 3/8 RATCHET and tightened as tight as I could get them. I think I might be too tight and when the engine gets warm and expands the bolts are snapping. I don't have any excess vibration and all bolts including the two on the end of the pipe are installed. I am going to try to find some new 7516725 bolts and torque to specs with locktight and try again.

Can anyone give me the correct bolt torque?

Can I go with no gaskets and use the copper high temp gasket maker (sorry to bring this up again).

Does anyone have a source for the bolts or can I use non SS bolts grade 5 or 8(fresh water ski). (Need ski next week end)