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    Virage single carb mount problems!

    I recently rebuilt my carb and after taking it off and putting it back on it seems that it is not sitting on the manifold neatly. Has anyone has similar issues and if so what did you do?
    I am thinknig about filing the mount so it sits better?
    Thanks everyone!

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    You should probably post some photo's that show the issue you are speaking of. If the manifold has not been hit with a blunt object it is probably an assembly issue.

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    Yes, I had one like that this season. Best I could come up with is that while the carb was loose(but still bolted on) somebody knocked over the engine and the aluminum deformed. I shoved paper towels into the intake and filed the intake flat with a bastard file. Did the bottom side of the carb too. Shop vac out all the debris and re-assemble. This one had 2 carb base gaskets and was still sucking air.

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    my 2000 virage single carb setup was like that,almost look like it was run without a base gasket and the carb and manifold wore into each other,finally switched over to dual carbs,but i did flat file the crap out of the carb base and manifold inlet where they sat flat to each other and the sold the matching pair

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