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    WANT to Buy: 04-06 NON Turbo Honda R12 or F12

    must be located somewhere in the lower south, also needs to be in good cosmetic shape and no projects. max i have to spend is a little below $4k
    gainesville fl

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    That's a good choice, but I think the 2005 is when the HP was increased. Turbo has too many issues. My non-turbo is rock solid except for replacing the ECM a couple years ago.

    One of the guys from had a 2004 N/A F-12 ski for sale @ $4000 recently, but I don't see it listed anymore. His number is in this ad:

    You will find that the two seaters (R-12) are cheaper, so if you're OK with little storage space, then I would go for one of those.

    Here is one listed for $4500 that looks good, negotiate:

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    thanks, negotiating on a 2005 r12 right now but can't see it because its in the shop waiting on the new tank to be put in

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