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    Cool Boogy running and will not accelerate to plane out

    I have a 98 sea doo bombardier gti that was running fine for most of the day and then it just started acting up like loss of acceleration and not enough power to plane out. I have cleaned out the thimble filter at the lake which did not help. Do I need a full carb kit? Please help I gotta get these back to the water!!

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    do you still have the gray feul lines on that? if you do your carb is probably blocked. the inside of the lines start to turn into this substance that looks like toothpaste. this is caused by the ethenol gas we are forced to use. if this is the case it should idle fine just fall on its face when you try to speed up. you can also check your fuel valve these also get blocked from that "toothpaste". if you are mechanically inclined i would remove the carb. (i think the 98 only had one carb, my 96 has two). you probably don't even have to get a rebuild kit, most of the time the seals and gaskets are fine and able to be reused. the base gasket that goes on the engine will probably rip and need to be replaced. hope this helps.

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    Hey Grant, thanks ya it does have the old lines, but would it still start,run, idle, etc? It's like it's full throttle but not full speed. Therefore does not plane out.

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    Cool Boogy running .......first thing I would do is grab a Kleenex!

    But seriously, have you looked up into the jet pump for damage or debris?

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    dan, i think what you described is the motor bogging and not opening up. i just want to make sure that you didn't suck up weeds or a stick in your jet pump and you cavitating. if your cavitating your engine will be screaming but your not moving much. kind of like your car tires spinning in a mud hole. if this is what you are experiencing. go under the ski with a flashlight and look into the intake grate, look for anything that shouldn't be there "aka" weeds, sticks, rocks, rope. if that all looks good you can shine the flashlight into the the intake and look into the pump from the back of the ski. you should see a very thin circle of light around the outside of the impeller. "and i mean a very, thin circle." if your not cavitating than you check some of the items i described before. and maybe even some simple things like the trottle cable, make sure you are getting full travel. sorry i haven't gotten back to you for a while, i've been away then got sick.

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