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    92 XP T/S Bogging off Idle

    Okay I have read thru the threads here and think I have been checking things off in correct order in trying to troubleshoot this prob...

    I am having problems tracing down a 92 XP bogging problem. I went thru board info on Carbs and a few other misc posts on Carbs/Bogging T/S here and on other sites and still seem to be stuck...

    Person brought the ski over for me to look at and stated it turned over but did not run when they bought it recently – they say it sat for unknown length of time prior to purchase. They thought it just needed carbs rebuilt and overall chk out jet pump oil replaced/etc to get ski running…

    I went ahead and started working thru things - checked compression/rebuilt carbs etc ...when I got it back together it started and I could get it to start for a little bit at idle but it immediately bogged down when adding throttle… further t/s I noted that it seemed like rear cylinder was not developing any power – had wet plug when I pulled it first time -rechecked spark a give it a go...

    Tried again and seemed that when I squirted fuel into rear carb directly it would pick up and run (hmm ..fuel delivery prob to rear carb ?!) - I pulled carbs again and went through rear carb and ensured the fuel pump was working (had small leak detected under pressure test that I fixed and confirmed held 4 psi for 10 secs).

    Put everything back together and tried again – still had bogging right off idle but seemed to idle a bit better…(subjective)
    At a loss as to next steps besides going back thru carbs again and verifying pop-off pressures and internals are working on rear carb…

    I went through the boards and tried to ensure I had not missed anything in t/s the problem… Any guidance/assistance appreciated…

    Here is what I have done to date: (engine runs done via flush/hose in driveway)

    Checked compression 150/150

    Good spark on both cylinders – (vsiual chk blueish color) trimmed back both spark plug leads and have new spark plugs

    Replaced starter along the way – it was failing and intermittent

    Emptied fuel tank and cleaned it – noted that someone had mounted RES and ON fuel lines backwards on fuel baffle… corrected.

    Cleaned and installed new wtr/fuel separator screen and gasket

    Added separate inline fuel filter closer to carbs

    Pulled selector valve and cleaned it –did not use compressed air to ck function but did blow thru ON and RES settings and seemed to work fine.

    Blew out all fuel lines – reinstalled fuel system and pressure tested system.

    Confirmed fuel pump working –pulled fuel line off and hit starter - fuel pumped into catch container (not great pressure but was working) also pulled pulse hose and felt for pressure pulse when cranked over –felt small consistent pulse (not a lot of pressure).

    So tried starting again and had same thing – idled but bogged as soon as tried to add throttle I thought maybe an intermittent Ign Coil to rear cylinder?? Swapped and same result.

    I noted that the MPEM had been replaced (newer model but compatible per specs) – I did not run thru testing full MPEM …

    I had to let ski sit as I was afraid of cooking the rear drive shaft bearing by running just on the hose for repeated cycles…

    So I am stuck as to if it is a fuel problem just to the rear cylinder – or if there is an electrical glitch I have not tested/thought of –

    One person mentioned on another post about bogging T/S chk chrg system and/or to swap out the rectifier and see if that helps – as I can’t run the ski up to 5500 to check if charging system is functioning correctly not sure if this is a path to take..
    Would a bad rectifier contribute to these symptoms?

    Again appreciate any advice/recommendations – as I’m pulling out what little hair I’ve got left trying to track this down…

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    Am I at proceeding down the right path ??


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    your on the right betting rectifier

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    Unhook the RPM limiter wire from the MPEM that grounds out the coil. Might be a problem there. It seems to be common on the older 587 setup.

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    thx for info... think it is sorted out - going to water test today...

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    If that's it you'll still need a way to kill it.

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    Well after chasing my tail and verifying the electrical was working correctly - went back to the carbs again - what it turned out to be was the PTO side Carb - found the pilot jet clogged again... Once that was cleaned out and retested fuel system it went to lake yesterday, the guy said it ran great -no problems.

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