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    Polaris tx/txi stator swap?

    Does anyone know if the ignition stator will swap from a 2002 TXI injected ski to a TX carbureted one? I finally tracked down my issue (one of many on this "pwc from hell"). I'm getting resistance from the gray wire to the brown wire which should be open. I have a stator which tests good from a TXI and was wondering if it would work.


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    NO. They are different stators

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    Quote Originally Posted by HU112BU View Post
    ... I'm getting resistance from the gray wire to the brown wire which should be open...
    I am on the road so doing this from memory.

    Brown wire is 8 volt power feed to the Hall Effect sensors.
    Gray wire is ground return for the Hall Effect sensors, Gen III ignition.

    As far as I know the only problem would be if the resistance between these two wires measured very low or was a short circuit.

    Resistance measured between these two will depend on the meter being used. Some meters will show open circuit, perhaps only with one meter probe polarity and not the other. Other meters may show some resistance number.

    Polaris used a specific model of Fluke multimeter for the reference numbers in the service manual.

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    and a totally different flywheel too

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