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    Should I buy this msx 110?

    Cruising craigslist I found a msx 110 at a local dealer. Went in to look at it and they said it was a non-runner. They said it would just rev ski high on the trailer when started and that was all he knew. The ski is very clean with 39 hours on it and everything looked pretty good. Looking at the forums this appears to be a common fault and is not really anything to be concerned with. When I asked about price he said $900. So what does the experts say?

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    Welcome to GH.

    Deva vu... that sounds exactly like my MSX 150 (bigger brother to 110) when I bought it.

    I would NOT buy it... without first doing a compression test on both cylinders. 130psi + in each is what you want to see. Less than that? Skip it.

    The 2004 Polaris MSX 110/150 is a one-year-only ski... with a number of known issues. All fixable... but very expensive.

    The reving sky high on the trailer is "normal"... that is why you always start the ski on the trailer with the reverse lever engaged. In the water it'll start and idle normally... assuming no other issues.

    Check compression... check oil level... check for milky oil... check coolant (oil slick in jug?)...

    If all those checked out okay... I'd be tempted to buy it.

    But honestly... first ski? Skip it.
    Do you do all your own wrenching? If not, skip it.
    Do you have a lot of extra money to fix the ski and make it "right"? If not, skip it.

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    Do what Ripcuda said, skip it. It will be a money pit. But wait, I have lots of parts off of mine to sell, so buy it

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    Where is it located? I'll buy that sucker if it's close to me! lol

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    Run for your life! Your wallet will kill you.

    I would buy it but I love a good overly complex rebuild project that kills my wallet

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