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    Crankshaft Problems

    Problem: Blown crank seal and seized back bearing

    Backstory: Was riding around on and off one afternoon and heard a loud pop noise figured it was a misfire from dirty gas or something but ski would not maintain idle would only run if you gave it gas. Towed it back home, pulled the engine and turns out the pop was the seal having blown out. I let the ski sit several weeks before pulling the engine so in that time the bearing seized up.

    So my question is can I just replacing that bearing and put everything back together and get back to riding? Is that gonna be near the price of just getting an sbt rebuilt one?

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    Depends on which bearing you're referring to as the back bearing. Crank bearing? The MAG bearing on the crank is definitely replaceable. I never took the PTO bearing off so I'm not sure about that one but I believe it is replaceable.

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    By back I mean the last bearing on the crank towards the rear of the ski, let me see if I can upload a pic for you

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    You can see the seal blew out of its slot and that bearing is rusted horribly

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm almost positive that bearing is replaceable. If that was caused by salt water, i'd check the rest of the crank bearing to ensure they are in good shape.

    Flywheel looks rusted as well.

    When you seal the crank case, be sure to use three bond 1211. I just did mine and it pressure tested with no issues.

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    Crankshaft Problems

    Yea unfortunately it's gotten salt water in it before. If I do replace that bearing I would have to have the crank rebalanced right?....already replaced the magneto and bendix but everything else looks good (cylinder walls and pistons) I took the head off prior to pulling the engine thinking it was a head gasket.
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    Send it to Crankworks and have them get it right for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leejax01 View Post
    Send it to Crankworks and have them get it right for you.
    Yeah I know sending it out is always an option, but being an old ski, I'm trying to keep the cost down. If the fix is as simple as replacing that end bearing then it's worth it, but if it's too costly I'll just part out the ski and use that money towards a used 4-stroke.

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    Ok so I found the individual OEM bearing online for $25 and the seals for $18, the issue now is would it need to be rebalanced? My initial thought is that it doesn't since the bearing is locked In-between the casing and isn't a gyrating part, but I'm no expert so if someone who knows better can chime in.

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    no ,just r&r bearing and apaly sealer to OD of seals-don't go crazy just thin coat

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