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    What a miss! - random beeping resolved on GTI 130

    I've read some pretty good threads on here about people missing stuff on a rebuild I'm here to admit mine and have a good laugh about it.

    I had an errant valve keeper/cotter go through and take out the scavenger oil pump etc. I had a mechanic pull the engine for me well I was traveling so I could assess the damage right away when I returned. Took the machine back from him with engine out and rebuilt it myself. Put it back in and it ran great but would beep occasionally about 2 hours into testing. No errors shown on display and no error codes logged.

    Everything checked out good on the machine and it continued to run great. I found a loose wire on the starter solenoid and thought that would fix it. Went out all day Sunday and half-way through the day started to get beeps occasionally. Decided to keep running it hoping it would either show an error or break completely so I could have something to fix.

    Towards the end of the day, the 12 volt low message came on and the battery warning started flashing. At that point I was glad to have the error and no charging so I had something to fix.

    Took it home and started looking things over on the charging circuit...the mechanic that took the engine out had pulled the charging circuit plug from the voltage regulator and I missed plugging it back in! What a miss - that's no small plug. The battery was good enough (new DEKA AGM) to withstand 2 rounds of testing only producing a beep once in awhile.

    Sad part is I remember plugging the grey side in to the voltage regulator but not the black! I'm surprised it even ran correctly without much complaining as that seems to be a pretty significant connection.

    Charging system is good now - issue resolved - lesson learned: Take my own stuff apart so unnecessary components are not removed/unplugged!

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    thanks for the info, i'm surprized the battery light didn't come on in the begining. you would think that it would be like a car, if it isn't charging at 13 volts on higher the light comes on.

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