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    02 Waverunner XL 700A Carb questions

    Hey Gals and Guys, I Have a few questions. I recently picked up a 02 Waverunner, I went to rebuild the carbs the other day and noticed it only had one carb. Has anyone seen a XL700A with one carb on it before? I have a 01 Waverunne and it has 2 carbs on it and will walk the dog on the 02. Any ideas? Also how hard would it be to convert it bk to dual carbs? Thanks for looking and the advice.

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    ok... I took the ski to a local shop today.. The elder gentleman today me I have a XL700 with a 650motor.. No wonder why my other XL 700 walks the dog. i guess that also answers my carb questions. Now, he said I have a 700 engine case with jugs, pistons and carb.. Everything else is from the 700.. question... how hard would be it be to take it bk to a 700? Also is the 650 better than the 700. Thanks guys

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    Don't waste any time or money trying to use what you have. Sell the 650 as a running engine and buy a complete 701 62T.

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