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    99 gp1200x help with random hose and open fitting please

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    I just picked up a 99 gp1200x about two weeks ago. I don't know much about skis. The ski is very cold natured when you first get it going, but I read that is somewhat common with this model. I've ridden it probably 10+ hours already. Yesterday I was out for about 3 hours and it shut off after cruising 3/4 throttle for 1-2 minutes straight. Started right back up but felt sluggish but I think that was in my head, did the same thing a few minutes later. Then started right back up and was fine for the 39 minute ride to my dock.

    Decided to to look over everything and noticed the hose that's in my hand wasn't connected to anything. It was in a loom with other hoses. Also I noticed there a fitting on top of what I believe is the oil injection pump that's not connected??? But the hose in my hand and that fitting have a real tough time connected as there really not enough slack in the line so I'm unsure if it belongs there of if it's a vent? Filling up the oil tank I spilled a ton of oil in the hull so I'm not sure if anything is leaking.

    Can can anyone help? Thanks!

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    You need to do a compression test First ..
    then some "light" reading about --running Premix or using oil pump (pumps norm. dont fail BUT the oil lines pop/pull off after time)
    If your motor is still ok you can fix lines or run premix and do some reading about --porpoising and ride plates..

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    It ran back to the dock fine and starts right up.

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    You will definitely have some damage done. Might as well just get ready to do a teardown. There's no way it could have run that long without proper lube and be OK. Those oem lines are barely long enough to begin with, then over the years they shrink up. Common failure on the GP1200. Pull off the head and get pics so we can gauge the damage.

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