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    Tell me about your 50 hour service or 25 hour service if you have a 13 model

    My ski is running great. I did the initial oil change myself at 9 hours.
    Currently at 45 hours. I'm taking it in this Saturday for the 50 hour service.

    I don't think I need anything more than an oil change, but I'm letting them do it for warranty purposes.
    The main reason I wanted to take it in was to check the S/C slip as I thought it was part of the service.

    My dealer told me they will change oil ,and check multiple fittings etc.
    They also said they would adjust the throttle, and IBR etc.
    Unless there is a problem they do not check the S/C slip.

    I wanted it checked because I have read more than once on this site that some had theirs fall out of spec around 20 to 30 hours.

    Again everything is working flawlessly so why would I want any throttle/IBR adjustments?

    It just seems I'm spending I believe around $270 for an oil change. I know they hook buds to it, but it still seems like a lot.

    Maybe different dealers follow a slightly different plan for the 50 hour service? Did anyone have their slip checked at their initial service?

    Tell me your thoughts on this. Thanks.

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    I plan on having the S/C rebuilt at 100 hours so hopefully it will be fine until then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abmobil View Post
    My ski is running great. I did the initial oil change myself at 9 hours.
    Currently at 45 hours. I'm taking it in this Saturday for the 50 hour service.

    Per manual there is no 50h service. You have @25h (or 1st 3 month), 100h(or 1 year) and 200h.
    If you had a yearly already don't waste money. The SC clutch rebuilt is due at 200h.
    Note: They will follow the manual i.e. only inspect and adjust if needed.

    That's the recommendation for the '13 models per manual.
    That will keep your warranty intact, rest is 'waste of money' imho.

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    For model year 2014 the first service moved from 25 hours to 50.
    I also see it as a waste but I'm going to go ahead and let them so it looks better if I ever need to use the warranty.

    The only service it has had was an oil change done at 9 hours by me. This will be it's first dealer trip.

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