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    Gp 1200 wont start after rebuild

    Well whats up guys just replaced a piston and 3 sets of rings, also pulled out the crank seals while i had everything apart. Now put it all back together, new fuel lines, premix fuel since i have the oil blockoff in and it wont start! It started yesterday no problem and immediately stalled, fired it right back up and same thing. Today i poured a little fuel in carbs she fired up started spitting alot out of the carbs and eventually stalled when i released the throttle. Now it wont start period. It wants to but cant! Spark is good, fuel was being poured into the carbs and still nothing. Lockout is not on as i know the code, I dont know where to start looking
    any help is appreciated

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    Also dumped fuel into spark plug holes and got nothing

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    Follow up- Got it to fire, number 2 and 3 carbs are spitting back badly, backfiring also

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    It shouldn't backfire through carbs. Pull and inspect the reeds.

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    Reeds were shot. New ones coming! Thanks to my friend sean on here!

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