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    99 GP1200 piston melt down

    So my ski was running great for a few years until it melted the 2 end pistons. I bored the cylinder and rebuilt the carbs thinking all was well, but after an hour, it killed the same pistons. The middle piston is fine. I don't have pics, but it looks like other pistons posted here for similar situations. I pre-mix the oil BTW and it's stock except for Boysen reeds and Riva filters. Any ideas??? This is getting old, I just want to ride. Thanks in advance.

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    Carburetor troubles. ...leak check cases.

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    Must be air leakage from somewhere causing it to run lean on the ends, dried up crank seals? Warped exhaust manifold or intake?

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    Thanks for the replies and messages. How do I leak check the crankcase seals? The lower end was rebuilt at some point. In another post from someone else with a similar problem mentioned something about a fuel return mod. I've had 3 of these things since 1998 and this is a first for me. Usually they have melted from cooling system issues. Again, thanks for the help in advance.

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