I purchased a 2000 Yamaha 1200XLT that the owner stopped using the oil injection system. It looks like he did this in a non-conventional way. Only after owning this ski, did i find that he plugged the oil line going to the oil injector, and did not remove the oil injector and add a block off plate. What kind of damage is possible if the conversion is done without a block off plate?

My estimation is this conversion could have been done in 2 ways. 1) the cheap and easy way... just plug the oil line and premix and go, or 2) take out the coupling between the engine and the oil injector and then put the injector back on to act as an "injector plate".

If 1) is done (meaning the pump is still pumping, but no oil), could this damage something? My stomach feeling is the pump could overheat and seize without the oil???

If 2) is done (meaning no couplling so the injector is not spinning), could this damage something? The worst thing I can imagine is that there becomes an air leak in one of the oil lines to the carb, so air would enter the carbs... but I think this injection point is before the carbs, so I think it would not impact the air to fuel ratio and cause a lean engine which could damage the engine internals.

Is anyone running out there with only the oil line removed and plugged on any of the Yamaha Power Valve engines? If so, how long and did you ever have a problem?

Finally, the injector looks really hard to get to on this model. Can this be removed and an injection plate put on easily? Or, do I have to remove intake and or/and exhaust components to do so?