03 rfi cutting out and falling on its face at various rpms, runs perfect sometimes then cuts out then picks back up very irradically. Ran thru all testing proceedures, compression, fuel pressure 55-60 continuous, reference signal, etc. I figured for sure it had water in fuel - but to my dismay none. removed fuel pump and changed out dirty filter - same thing. starts fine, idles fine sometimes accelerates fine, then cuts out, looses rpm, then hits again when tweaking throttle. no check engine lights, electrical shorts, and charging fine. If i accelerate slowlly it cuts out usually at certain throttle position, 3-4000 rpm but sometimes at various positions also. Sometimes it runs perfect for a few minutes, accells to wide open great for short time then it will start fucking up. No water in hull, or engine water leaks. Very similar to water in fuel but none. Im leaning toward a tps - Can the tps be faulty without triggering check engine/main ? Is this a tps that responds to ohm meter, in otherwords will ohm meter move up and down scale when moving tps to see if theres glitch at certain points?? Ive been working on watercraft for several years, have rebuilt a couple rfi's., but im in a bind with this one and not one of those know it alls and hate to start throwing money at it so thought id ask around. Thanks, customers waiting impatiently.