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Thread: prop repair

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    prop repair

    I have a 15/22 that ate a intake bolt....
    has any one had one repaired that did a good job
    and was more than 10 bucks cheaper than a new one???
    last do they re-pitch too

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    I sent a polaris one to SBT the week of the fourth. They called to say it was ready and to verify shipping info. Then 3 days later I got the same call again. Still has not shipped out. If you do send it out, I would send it to impros instead of SBT.

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    Impros is great, but they get a little slow with their turnaround time during the season. I have sent props to them in the off season and had them back in a week.

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    Impros is great but like BryanP said, turnaround is slow this time of year

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