Are the 657 and 717 flywheels interchangeable?

What I have is a friends 94 xp in the garage, first time i have ever seen a flywheel break. The starter ring has broken off, and slid back against the starter, so the starter will not disengage. My puller was loaned to another friend, so i didn't get the flywheel pulled so i can compare it to the other flywheel i have. I would love to know whether i should order a flywheel or not since i am stuck at work. What i have already available is a 717 flywheel parted out from an 03 GTI LE. Anyone know if this flywheel will work? Are they both 4 or 5 wire systems, or different? Is timing the same?

On a side note, i think the starter ring slid back and cut the wires to the stator, i can probably repair the wires, but if not will the stator from the 03 work as well?