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    Bought myself another project.. Seadoo XP 657. couple of questions....

    Hi, Picked up a cheap jetski off ebay for £300, a Seadoo XP 650, with a 657 rotax engine.
    Partially rebuild and abandonded project.

    I have a couple of questions..

    1, The engine is leaking oil from the underside somewhere, ive taken the carbs off etc and the oil pump.
    It is not coming from the rotary valve gear, its somewhere underneath this as its dry here. Any ideas on this?

    2, the return line from the engine block, the fitting has been snapped off. Can this be removed easily without stripping the engine all to bits? drilling would end up with particles of metal going into the crank so dont want to do that.

    3, stripped all the fuel lines and removed all the grey ones, replaced with new lines.. the fuel selector tap had a plastic nut on it which was in pieces, corrosion around it forced it apart. anyone know any good ideas to re secure this in place? Ive tried everywhere to find a replacement nut and no one seems to have one.

    Thanks everyone

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    1.) Best advice would be to clean the hull the best you can, Then place paper towels under the motor. Run the motor for a little bit and then see if you can see on the paper towel where the oil is coming from. It will give you a better idea of where to look.

    2.) someone else will have to chime in on this issue, ive never heard of that happening.

    3.) Ebay will most certainly have this part. Make sure you go through your carbs as well fuel lines isn't enough.

    Good luck!

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