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    How to bypass gpr display?

    I'm just trying to make sure this ski runs, and my display is shot. Is there a way to bypass it by jumping a set of wires together? All the threads and info I've found on this end without any answer. Good news is I've learned I can use an XLT display in my GPR. Still looking for a display too...just in case anyone has a good deal on one!

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    Her is one for sale...

    the ski should work without a display btw.....

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    Are you absolutely certain of that? I've searched all over the place to find specific info on that, and I've found no info on 00-02 gpr's, but have found info that a bad display can prevent the earlier gp's from starting. I'm no electrical engineer, but looking at the schematics, the start switch is connected to the display, though it's hard to tell if it's just for monitoring purpose or otherwise. I have power going to the chocolate wire leading to the starter switch, so I will check for continuity on the switch and then see if I can supply 12v to the starter relay to see if it will activate. It does crank with a screwdriver across the main terminals.

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    The ignition power relays through the gauges on the GP because of the anti-theft code.

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    Ow.... Strange my "05 GPR starts when i unplug the display, also needs to be unplugged for the diagnostic software.

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    Well, I figured out the answer. It appears that jumpering the red and green wires on the six pin connector results in activation of the starting circuit. Going to check compression, then put some gas and oil in it and see what happens!

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    Not so fast I guess. Cranks over but no spark. Checked the water temp sensor and I'm getting zero continuity/ no resistance reading. If I understand correctly, that in itself will prevent any spark to the plugs.

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