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    Ultra 250x- Bolt on the belt tensioner is loose???

    Hey guys--
    Don't work with these Ultras often..

    Ski was running perfect, friend took it out, and he said all the sudden it started loosing RPM, and now it wont go over like 4500RPM or so..
    sometimes it climbs to 5000..
    Up to 4500 it feels normal(I mean its sluggish... but it isn't skipping around or anything odd)

    got into looking internally, compression is good, but i noticed the bolt that puts tension on the pulley, is like loose, i can turn it by hand... not a fully rotation, but like a half turn each direction or so.. so its for sure loose... I cant seem to find anywhere what the torque spec is on this belt?

    But I'm thinking my issue is the SC belt is slipping... because there is no tension on it at all..

    Out of the water, the ski will rev all the way up. in the water is when I'm having these low rPM issues..

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    That bolt is the adjuster its meant to be loose. The centre pulley nut is what holds the set tension after you turn the one mentioned

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    So it should just be flopping around loose loose?

    well then. Back to square 1.

    Ski ran perfect no problems
    then bam. Lost rpm.
    Now sluggish, and top rpm 5000 or so in water

    red lines out of water

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