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    2000 Genesis has no spark

    My 2000 Genesis is currently in the shop and the mechanic is telling me that it doesn't have a spark. He has used a new battery, tested the stator and says they are all working. He reluctantly opened the electrical box because he's not had good experiences with the Polaris electrical boxes. He believes he has traced the problem down to a faulty CDI. Does anyone know where I can get a CDI for my model. The part number in my service manual is 4010379. The ones that I have found on the internet will only sell to Polaris dealers. I would love to have a used one that's no so expensive to see if it will fix my problem. Any help would be appreciated. Oh yeah, my manual says I really need to use a Ignition Point Adjustment Unit to adjusted the timing on the CDI. Is this really required? I can't find one of these units either. Only dealers can get them. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Since your mechanic seems uncomfortable with Polaris electrical boxes, I must admit to being slightly skeptical regarding the diagnosis. It is entirely possible that he is correct and the CDI is the problem.

    When a spare CDI is not on hand to swap in for a test, the typical diagnostic is to test everything around the CDI. If everything else checks out, then the CDI becomes the prime suspect.

    There is a bunch of useful info to be found via my signature links, and even more to be found throughout the Polaris forums here.

    I would start with disconnecting and bypassing the LR-505 Start/Stop module. Takes only a few minutes. Sometimes a bad Start/Stop module will prevent spark.

    Hold down the Bilge button, Bilge pump should run. Keep holding Bilge button and try to start the engine. If the engine has spark then the problem is weak voltage to the CDI.

    These CDI require more than 10.6 volts at the CDI or there will be no spark.

    Next would be checking for 8 volts from the CDI on Brown wire when engine is cranking. If that is good then do the stator coil ohm checks and test the Hall Effect sensors. All these tests are outlined via my signature links and in the Tech/FAQ sections.

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    Thanks for the information. I plan on picking up the jet ski this weekend and start diagnosing the CDI issue. I will start with your suggestion on bypassing the LR-505 Start/Stop module. Can you point me to any step-by-step or pictures for this? Once I've bypassed the module do I then try to start the engine or do I go straight to holding down the bildge button and try to start? I'm new to doing this type of thing.

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