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    GP1200R Gauge/Cluster

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm new to the forum, so hello! I have a Gp1200r thats rebuilt in almost every aspect by riva. I changed the computer back to stock, the old riva computer burned out. I have one problem, the gauge. Wont display anything, or even beep at startup (it still allows starting for some reason?). I was thinking maybe the Riva computer fried it. If anyone has one here for a 2001 with any amount of hours (I had 80-100, Dont remember), I would be very grateful!

    Thanks a lot!


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    There's one for sale in the classifieds. Looking for one myself, but that one's just a little much for me.

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    Just opened it up, whole thing was rusted. Doubt it'll ever work again. Turns out I really do need one. I found one on Ebay for $500..and I'm not paying that much.

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    I wonder what mine looks like inside, I have 211 hours on mine with at least half of that in salt. Yikes $500 on ebay, they are like $650 brand new. A used one should run you about $250-300.

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    Yeah, that $500 one on ebay the guy counter offered $200, fyi. ScreaminSLX's looks a lot better than that one too. You can actually use an xlt gauge, and there's a ton of those out there. Problem is everyone think's they're made of gold too. I've had one offered to me for $95 shipped, but I haven't seen a pic of it yet.

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    But will all the normal readings still be accurate with it? I mean will the speedometer work and the gas work..those are the only ones I actually care about. As for oil and temp, those I don't care about. I fount an XLT one in good condition for about $100. Good buy? They look a little different so I'm concerned with the function of them

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