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    oil injection question

    Have the top end off my gp1200r... just bought all new oil lines because one poped off the pump, new ones came with all metal clamps... siezed the one piston. I have all the lines totally off, when i pull the throttle pump should oil be flowing out or is it pulled by vaccuum from the engine like fuel?

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    Oil is pushed by a mechanical pump driven directly off the front of the crankshaft. You can test it with a drill and a flat head screwdriver bit if you remove it.

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    well it was working fine before the oil line popped off. if I just hold the pump open is it going to spew oil? or does the crank have to be moving in order to pump oil out?

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    Crank has to spin to pump oil, but you can prime the pump by gravity using the bleeder screw on the hose that goes up and hooks by the idle speed screw.

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    Ok thanks for clearing that up. I was a little worried it wasnt pumping anything. If the one line poped off and the cylinder siezed. While the ski was still running for that short time is all tge oil going to go to the path of least resistance. Because my very back cylinder has some scars on the piston and in the cylinder like it was starting to lack oil. The ski ran perfect from idle to full throttle with nice dark brown plugs in all 3 prior to the one popping off. So i dont think its from being lean at all

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    I myself have been worried about oil injection I'm thinking about going to premix fuel so it takes the worry outta pumps and line failure, anyone else converted their skis?

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    Lots of guys here converted, only downside that you use way more oil than injection. It's no biggie, if you don't ride too often.

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    Way more oil, and lots more smoke if you ride in idle zones much. I converted one of my son's XLL's when cleaning the carbs, mainly because his 1390 was premix already and it made it simple for both boats to be premix. Does take more oil and smokes alot more in the channel between lakes. I would not do it again except on a heavily modified boat. As long as your oil lines are securely attached you are good.

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