Unlike what many would believe, a manufacturer issuing a recall is actually a good thing. Well, of course it’d be ideal if a product didn’t require a recall at all, but the presence of a public recall is actually a good indicator that said manufacturer is willing to address a problem and provide a positive solution.

With it being the first production year of the all-new Sea-Doo Spark, there are bound to be foibles in the vehicle’s design – as no ski is perfect (or something like that). That the Spark’s steering system is susceptible to breakage when an excessive amount of pressure is applied is a bitter pill to swallow, but that Sea-Doo is fast moving on the problem and is addressing the issue in such a professional manner is a great sign.

We say this because we don’t want commentators declaring this recall as being a “black eye” on the Spark’s otherwise fantastic inaugural year. Admittedly, this recall touches on the Spark’s very publicly argued use of lightweight plastics rather than traditional fiberglass, metal and plastic parts. But again, Sea-Doo’s dealer network is already taking action to replace handlebar/steering systems on unsold units as well as existing customer’s Sparks.

Here’s the original release:*

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