hello guys I a new to the forum and just back into riding after a 5 year break so I am a little rusty in knowledge since I always rode two strokes. I just got an 07 GTI SE and I was riding when suddenly died out, would not crank at all and borrow my body's battery and it did but when I disconnect the neg from battery it dies out I thought it was the voltage regulator and replaced it to later find out that is normal that it dies out if I do that since I did the same with my body's. my battery measured 11 volts before I started working on it so something was draining it while this happened, so I charged it up and so now it cranks and the charging system measures 14.2 volts but I am afraid to get stranded on the water again.................any Ideas what could have caused it to die out the first time, what else should I check if everything seems to be normal right now? what else could have drain my battery in perfectly normal riding day ????