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    My 04 msx150 tear down.

    Hey guys new to the forums here. So I am in the process of cleaning and tearing down my msx150. My dad acquired it about 3 years ago. Found out it had a blown turbo. Replaced turbo about a year and half ago... tech was a yamaha tech and seemed out of his element. said he couldn't get it to stay running. Also said he had milky oil and that the oil pressure was low(come to find out there were numerous oil hoses not tightened down very well and a couple completely disconnected.) I finally got it in my hands to find all the oil out of the oil reserve was in the hull. So I began the process of removing it after doing some research on the msx150. Well I got the motor out yesterday. I dumped about 16ounces of water out of the air side of the intercooler and the oil coming out of the pan was not milky at all. Was wondering if there is any preventative maintenance I could do before putting it back in. I figured its going to get a new fuel filter, new oil filter, new oil pressure sensor and new map sensors and the weber rollover protection tank. Was wondering if maybe I should replace the high pressure oil pump and water pump while its out? Also going to pressure check the intercooler and water exchange for good measures since they all had to come out anyways. Just wondering what else I should look into and change if needed. It only has ~50 to 80 hours on it. I can't remember exactly and dont have a battery on hand to check. Going to need a new seat or cover as this one has been sitting in the sun with no cover for the last 5 years and its got a slit in the rear... Some pics of her somewhat cleaned up. Thanks.
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    Welcome to GH!

    Looks like your well underway in getting to know your 150! Getting that engine out is a PITA! And your close to Randy at WeberPower in Bremerton... for all your Weber engine parts and advice too!

    Before you put the engine back in... you've got to somehow do a compression test. It's easier in the hull still since it's bolted down... but in your case, secure the engine to the ground somehow, hook the neg battery cable to the engine and put 12v pos to the starter wire. With both spark plugs out and your compression tester in a hole... crank it and get some readings. Not having the intake or exhaust manifolds on won't matter. Get your #s for each cylinder. You want 130psi or better in each.

    Next, I'd hookup my air compressor and perform a leak-down test on each cylinder. This will give you an idea of how well the rings are sealing... and it'll quickly identify a blown headgasket too should that be an issue.

    Did the engine ever overheat in it's past life? If the above two tests were good... I'd pull the front mag/gear covers and inspect the plastic waterpump drive gear. This is a known weakpoint (failed on my engine). And while your there... replace the waterpump shaft seal and waterpump big o-ring.

    Clean the entire intake tract: hoses, intercooler, hardpipe, intake manifold... with hot soapy water and rinse well and dry well. New MAPs are a great idea. The updated oil tank is another great idea. Don't reinstall the oil separator to airbox oil vapor emissions recirc hose. Plumb the new rollover tank to a catchcan or just put a small filter on the rollover tank outlet. This recirc hose is #1 reason for oil ingestion.

    New spark plugs (NGK BKR7E or Champion RC7PYCB), good oil (Mobil 1 15w-50 full synthetic only), new oil filter, new 160 degree thermostat (from Randy), new gaskets (replace the ones where engine came apart), new fuel filter... spot on!

    Check the thru-hull bearing/seal assembly... nows the time to rebuild it since you can slide the driveshaft out without any special tools needed to remove the coupler.

    Inspect and restore the jet pump assembly... seals... bearings... impeller... as needed

    That a great start! Let us know what you find.


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    Got my popcorn

    Welcome to the hulk btw.

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    see if you can get a camera to check the coating on the bores

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    Thanks for the info guys. Did a compression test and got 126psi on both cylinders. Not too bad for sitting who knows how long really (3-4 years). Between being gone every weekend working in Seattle area, finding a new job, lacking money and the weather; I really haven't gone any further. Hoping to get it stripped down a little further this week so I can see what the water pump looks like. Got the hull all cleaned out and degreased last week. Its going to be a slow and grueling project but I'll get it done eventually.

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