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    BoatTest Comparison Spark and VX Sport

    Went through the video. Chris Hughes of BoatTest just gives the facts in this video. At the end it sounds like he favors the VX Sport.

    My complaints 1) He did not go over fuel consumption 2) He did not cover how weight and hull design impact ride differences

    I think he was fair on proposing and hole shot.

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    Remember that BoatTest is more or less a product by Yamaha. This time they try to give the impression of being neutral, but they're not...

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    sounds to me he was asked to do this comparison by Yamaha.

    -His explanation for engine access is poor on the spark, says engine access is through the side access, but at this point should mention that you can take the top of the hull off to access the whole thing. he also points out fresh water flush on the yamaha, but not on the spark.

    -when he talks about taking the top hull off, he speaks negatively of "breaking the seal"

    -like mentioned earlier, notes the fuel capacity, but not fuel consumption.

    -the link in the video goes to the yamaha vx page, not a comparison page or the spark page.

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    I have seen other videos by boat test that favor seadoos. I check their website, no reviews on the spark. I do feel like they unfairly favored the Yamaha. Well considering what I paid for a full up spark 90 and IBR at 8K, I am pretty damn happy. Now I am going to go jump some wakes!

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    come on, I usually like boat test, but:

    1. He's measuring intake grate size difference, but never mentions actual fuel consumption of the two?... Umm.. BIAS

    2. He mentions his doing a "new entry level pwc" comparison for newcomers, than why would I want full access to the engine? (If I'm a newbie with a new pwc, I don't want to start dabbling in the engine so what gives? BIAS).

    3. He's showing the bottom of the PWC's to see the grooves? When was the last time a newbie customer stated "Excuse me Sales Person at Water Sports Company can I see the bottom of the ski to see the grooves on the hull???" Completely biased right there.. He did it to show how the engine is mounted on a Spark... He forgot to mention that's the heat exchanger and is added along a "closed loop cooling system" by the way when I went to buy my boat and my spark I DIDNT GIVE A HOOT how the bottom looks like?? WTF? TOTALLY BIAS

    4. He never mentions about the $4999 spark (or the $5500) some people like me is cool with the 2 up? Now the price difference is $3000 smackaroos, $3000 dollars friends, that's close to another ski instead of a VX.... BIAS

    5. He mentions how much more stable the VX is, but never mentions how much mor fun the spark is when tossing it around and wave jumping. BIAS RIGHT THERE

    6. The Spark also has the flushing system and you don't have to get in the engine by to do it... Ummm. So that's not a plus right there ?? Sounds biased to me..

    I could keep going, can you think of any more, plus can everybody please press the thumbs down on that video... We should speak out about it

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    or you could email him and ask why he did such things at: [email protected]

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    they also don't have the spark listed on the site at all

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    Wow, that is an embarrasinlgy biased review. First off the VX should be compared to its direct rival, the GTS130. The Spark is in a category by itself, Yamaha has nothing to offer young, adventurous, and sport riders. Those buyers would not consider an enourmous, stable boat with handlebars and a granny-seat(Sorry VX)

    Why does he mention the ridiculous 18.5 gallon fuel capacity on the VX but FAILS to mention the Sparks industry leading fuel efficiency? Could you imagine being a new-to-the-sport buyer and being shocked when you have to pony up $70 per fill up on that Yamaha? I've been spending about $12 for every 3 hours on the Spark....Yamaha cannot compete with all.

    He brags that the VX would be better suited for rental companies....You think? Overweight, inexperienced and elderly riders on vacation NEED something stable, safe and non-threatening like the VX. Silly comparison and again this is where the reviewer should have realized the GTS130 is the craft suitable for that particular task.

    Whatever credibility had before is waining.......this is an obvious $ponsored ad promoting Yamaha and experienced PWC enthusiasts are laughing, just hope new buyers don't take this guys advice and buy a "boring" craft like the VX or they may become bored with the sport quickly.

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    Yamaha sales must be suffering. Intentionally misguiding consumers is bad for business and the watersport world in general. Sheesh Yamaha, spend the moola on r&d and build a model to compete with the Spark. The watercraft world will thank you. Till then, cut the deceptive ad campaigns as they will tarnish your credibility.

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    Yam is gonna look so two faced when they come out with a direct spark competitor next year, "but you said the spark didn't match up to the vx, and now you're making a spark?!"

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