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    Question 09 FX HO Steering adjustments?

    I did a search to no real success.

    I need to adjust the steering on my 09 FX HOs. The handlebars are not lined up correctly with the jet and it's annoying. Off by just a little bit but enough to be irritating.

    Whats involved in lining things up?

    thanks in advance

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    You can adjust the steering at the nozzle. My new FZR was off out of the crate. If I held the bars straight it would turn to the right. I had to lengthen(unscrew) the rod end. If it pulls to the right,lengthen. If the opposite,shorten. All depends on which way it is off. If you have to lengthen(unscrew) make sure there is plenty of threads screwed into the rod end first before taking it to the water!

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