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    Honda r12x help needed fi & warning light

    Please can someone help or point me in the right direction, my ski ran fine until I flipped it upside down. I gor it overturned again and it ran good for about 20mins. Fi & warning light comes on constant, my ski is juttering bad & will not go past 5-6mph. Rpm will not go past 1000 either. When ski flipped it never took in any water. If I take lanyard out and let it sit for a minute or two it will runn fine for about 5 seconds then back to the usual. Turbo is good along with no corrosion on the waste gate shaft. I tried pulling codes with a jumper wire. It's giving 8,10,9,11. It's really bugging me and my friend has an f12x with same symptons. My ski is not overheating and oil and level is fine. Would sand in water box cause this to happen? Ski is always flushed and mainly fresh water use apart from the very odd time. I'm not sure if these codes could be stored on the ecu/ecm from previous owner as it will run perfect and rev on the hose. No warning lights when out of the water.
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