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    What information is needed to program a replacement EMM 2000 STX 1100 DI

    This scenario is if I am going to replace the EMM on 2000 STX 1100 DI. if you do not have the old EMM to retrieve the information to program the new EMM, is it still possible to use a new EMM ? If so what information is needed from the ski to program the new EMM if I sent it out to get programmed ?
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    The ski will run decently on most EMMs, provided the firmware is for that ski (e.g. an EMM for an 1100 STX vs. an Ultra?) when you take it out of the box or from wherever you get it and drop it the next boat. You can increase/decrease fuel by 5% in either direction with KADIAG software BUT supposedly, per the manual, the factory and 50% of the people you talk to, they won't run optimally. I think I have experimented with 4 different EMMs this summer since I began this adventure in May of this year. You can usually smell the difference as you idle out into the channel. Your nose knows which one is mapped fatter.

    If you don't have your original EMM any more, the only way to get the correctly matched injector data for your injectors is to have the old DOS software specific to that serial number injector delivered with it when it was sold. This is essentially impossible. I tried the test myself this summer with 2 sets of injectors and 2 EMMs and the ski ran the same mph and the same way on all combinations. The manual is the manual though and I'm too dumb to know otherwise so if you can't find your original EMM OR a matched EMM and injectors, you can try another EMM and ride it and see how it goes. I was always afraid that running the wrong EMM for your existing injectors would run too lean and burn something up or just run hot combustion temps. You can always screw around with the fuel octane though if you're desperate and can't find one that runs perfect. Good luck. Go Flyers!

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