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    Angry iBR issue, please HELP

    Hi, I have a 2012 rxpx and the ibr is stuck on the N position and the rpm wont go higher than 3000 rpm.
    I took the ibr actuator out and found that the actuator was full of water (dont know how??).
    I dont want to buy a new actuator because its a $1200 part which is very expensive.
    If any one know a way to let my engine go higher than 3000 rpm.
    I'll take the reverse gate out and continue without the ibr system. I tried to use the override for the ibr, didnt work.

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    Without IBR you won't have VTS either.......

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    it threw a code that put it in limp mode.. pretty sure ski wont come out of limp mode until cleared when its IBR related ..

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    I have the BUDS system but I found it useless

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    Did you see the code in buds? Clear it? Can you override the bucket in buds? Then you will know if the ibr motor is stuffed or not.

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    I took out the iBR actuator and found out that its full of water!!!! Dont know how

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    You probably have water leak inside the hull, make sure to look for water leak.

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    I dont know if the '12 xp has the same hatch covers as the '10 xt but they suck..mine are warped and I'm sure let water in

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