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    Exclamation RXP 2004 - Beeping 4 times with 3 second delay without lanyard attached. Please Help!

    Hi, I'm a newbie. Have had my RXP 2004 for about 3 weeks. Went for a ride just 4 times. It was in perfect order.
    Today I arrived to shore with the car and as soon as I went to unhook the ski, I noticed that it was beeping 4 times with 3 second delay without a lanyard attached. I also tried to start the engine and started normal. All I noticed is that on screen there was the normal SEA DOO and the fuel meter, but not the trimmer meter on the right hand side. When trying to put on the lanyard it put up the counters and down as normal but then nothing happened when I unplugged it.
    Also noticed that battery was a bit low. So I got a new battery to check if the problem is solved. But still no luck

    Any help would really be appreciated!

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    Disconnect the DESS post's electrical connector and see what you get. Also check all electrical grounds for corrosion and repair as necessary.

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    Sounds like a bad DESS post the internal reed switch is stuck closed so the MPEM thinks the key has been left on the post. This is probably why the battery was low as everything has been powered up for a while.

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    Thanks for your quick reply, sorry I was away, can you explain how to get to the DESS connector? If I unplug the DESS and Ski remains without power, that might mean that the problem is the DESS right?


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