I have two confusing problems maybe someone has some ideas to help (i'm new to seadoos)

1) engine will not turn over when pushing start button , battery is charged , new ground wire, when I hook a jumper button bypassing relay it turned over earlier this week so I just replaced the starter relay and nothing . I guess the next thing to check is starter button an on a yamaha I know which wire to unplug to test the start stop button but on this seadoo I can't figure it out ...... does anyone know how to test the seadoo stat stop buttons? or have any other ideas ?

2) VTS, the pervoius owner put boot on wrong and it leaked motor was corroded . I replaced the VTS motor red wire to green and blue to blue and installed a new water boot, pushing down I here a click then the fuse blows again, ski is sitting on a trailer so it isn't wet . any ideas?

I'm trying to get this figured out so we can meet up with friends tomorrow an ride I know its last minute but really thought the relay that came in this afternoon was my issue