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    St.Augustine, Fl fishing report

    After watching the weather religiously for about two weeks; I decided to tow the boater-cycle to the inter-coastal waters of St.Augustine. I arrived bright and early before daylight and decided to hunt down a bait shop... FAIL, a quick google search of my phone and 4 attempts of driving to various fishing stores and marinas... Either people weren't selling bait, or they weren't open...

    So back to the ramp I went, started getting my gear ready, chatted with the locals (which produced some good Intel on hot spots and such.) I started out of the river into the inter coastal. My first stop was to gather some bait, which was actually very productive. After an hour of throwing I had a few finger mullet, couple mud minnows, and some small pin fish. I even caught a small mangrove snapper like 4 inches! lol

    Most the day was just riding and exploring since I've NEVER seen this water before... Man! do you have to be careful! Not sure what I would have done without my elite 4! The many multiple sand bars, oyster bars, sand flats, and grass beds were everywhere!

    I caught a bunch of little trash catfish, hooked into a large 5 foot blacktip which had the reel screaming! (no pic, he cut the line right at the ski)

    Then switched up to some top water plugs once the overcast FL thunderstorms moved in...

    Then this bamo wamo gator trout killed my papa dog!

    He ended up being 24.5", which is just over being legal... so no trout fillets

    regardless, had an absolute blast and was extremely grateful to be able to get out...

    Thanks for reading.

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    Do you live in St Augustine? I've been fishing off my ski the past few weekend and haven't caught much. Where did you pick up the Bimini top?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeyman15 View Post
    Do you live in St Augustine? I've been fishing off my ski the past few weekend and haven't caught much. Where did you pick up the Bimini top?
    Joey, I live about 35 minutes away. Its my closest "saltwater" fix, there for I plan on fishing it extensively this fall.

    The ski was a gift from my father, he is on this site as well (oldschool69), he may chime in here in a day or two. If I recall correctly, it was somewhere local by him. (Lake City)

    its definitely a different style of fishing for sure, I notice the little feeder creeks are well pressured... I'm assuming a lot of fish traversing them during tide changes.

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    HELL YEAH...good job buddy...nice fish...looks like you got the boater-cycle cloaked into the fish assasin platform...haaa...yup that elite 4 has saved me some grief alot of did she run? im assuming our top end rebuild and going premix is treating ya well...MEOW listen here dood....your pappy is inviting himself to go check this place out with ya ...looking forward to the day you go over to the 4 stroke ski as it is so much cheaper to run and its much bigger....which means more room for more mods...would be so easy to put that console and all electronics on another rig...hows the duck boat coming along? JOEY....i picked up the bimini top from some company that was going out of business in south was the last one they had before calling it quits...only thing i done to it was extend the poles to make it tall enough for a fella to stand up without hitting your head on the top...other than that it works like a charm even at top speed...oh yeah....that big gator head ya give me is coming along pretty good...measurements from the skull tell me he was pushing 13 feet.....and you wade around out there in that water where he came from just to hunt ducks??? man you must be on quak...haaaaa....congrats on the trip dollar ya ever spent huh....haaaa

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    Nice pix, report, and speck - thanks for sharing.

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    Good report and a nice trout!

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    Nice rig, nice trout, nice day, nice dad... NICE! LOL

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