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    04 RXP front oil seperator.

    Hey everyone, Finally got my rxp in the water. I got the 08 motor running good in the 04 hull. I need to change out the front oil separator pump to get the solenoid and the oil pressure switch. the problem is i want the seadoo for the weekend and the 04 valve cover with the connection for the hose on it wont be here till Monday. Just wondering what the 2 connections are for. are they just vents, can i leave them, plug them? or should i deal with the annoying oil light and ride anyway with the 08 front oil pump. the one from solenoid i'm assuming goes to the air intake but i already have a hose there from the back of the motor. any input is appreciated. Surprising the oil light hasn't put me in limp mode and shes running great with the light on!

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    the top vent can be left open
    the bottom vent use to go the valve cover vent
    so put the back vent on the bottom of the valve
    and hook up the original hose to the top that goes down to the intake

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