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    Angry when stainless steel meets aluminum.

    From what I can tell something went through the pump, broke a blade off and it cut my housing in half.

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    I have had this happen twice on my 15F, once a blade went through the side of the pump which was only a month old, the second time a blade folded over & ground out material from the pump shoe, but didn't damage the pump. Both were fairly new Solas impellers I had recently had repitched to my specs, when I looked them over it appears the impellers were the problem, one showed signed that is had been cracked sometime earlier. Your pump looked very crusty, also does it show signs of cavatation on the left side, my pump started doing that after several hours of operation, I actually get a small hole right throught the stainless ring & then through the outside of the pump. I think the problem may be the Solas impellers, if it happens to me again I am going with a skat-trak, so far I have 1 1/2 season on a repitched Solas with no issues, I mentioned this as it looks like you are using a Solas impeller.

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    It is a solas. Iv had it for 2 seasons and just did pump bearings befor this season. I didnt notice any issues with the sleeve when I did the bearings. I think im going to buy a used pump complete off of ebay and run it stock for the rest of the seson. Pump will cost me 5 bills so I dont really feel like spending another 250 right away. I did love the difference between the stock and solas though. Maybe I'll try a skat trak next season.

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    Mate surely you would have felt what was going on there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicjak View Post
    Mate surely you would have felt what was going on there?
    My brother in law was on it when it happened, he said it just shut off. When I took the ride plate off I could see the fin sticking out the side of the housing.

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