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    need help really fast!! bearings blew out and took on a ton of water in the cylinders

    I just got back from the lake... barely the engine got water in it. what do i do? thanks i know this is time senitive so please help. thanks you

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    it was the drive shaft bareings

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    Arrow Recovering a water flooded engine, get the water out, get it running, get it dried

    So the engine has water inside, correct?

    And the drive shaft (through-hull?) bearings have failed?

    Remove the jet pump and drive shaft.

    Take the spark plugs out. Crank the engine with throttle held wide open. If there is water inside it will spew out the spark plug holes. Crank it until there is minimal water spray, but do not over heat the starter motor. Crank for maximum 20 seconds or so at a time, then let the starter motor cool down some.

    Keep the battery well charged during this process.

    Once the engine is mostly clear of water, put the spark plugs back in and try to start it. Likely it will sputter and die. Remove and dry off the spark plugs, try again. Eventually it will fire up on one cylinder or more. Use the throttle to keep it running well above idle but not anywhere near redline.

    Don't run it more than maybe 30 seconds at a time since there is no water cooling.

    Eventually it should be able to fire on all cylinders. You will be able to feel the warmth from each cylinder.

    The next step normally is to get it on the water and run it. The idea is to not only get the engine warm but spinning at full RPM with plenty of air flowing through the engine. Since you have a major water leak at the drive shaft you can't go riding.

    So all you can do is run it for short time periods on the trailer, get it as warm as you dare, let it cool, then do it again. After a few cycles, spray fogging oil liberally into each carb air intake. The engine will smoke and may even stall. Then take the spark plugs out and spray fogging oil into each hole. And that is about it.
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    Pull the plugs, crank crank crank crank , see if any water comes flying out, then put the plugs back in, and run it! im confused though you say Drive shaft bearings? did it enter threw the rear main seal or?

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    yes threw the rear main seal. i will try all of this and get back to you thank you!!!

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    The dang thing wont even spark, I have already replaced the stator and the CDI which was a pain in the butt. I am not into doing that again and dumping the time and money into it. I dont know how we made it off the lake today with the one full of water.... someone must be lookin out for me because that thing was full to the brim, right as we got it in, it started to go under and we had to pull it to land. have two 95's and they have been nothing but work, Im just going to cut my losses and try and get rid of them, and never look back. They say the best days of a watercraft owner is the day you buy the machine and they day you sell it. With that does anyone want to drive down and drag them home?

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    Check the electric box for water. Open it up and dry it out. I bet it sparks then.

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    I'll try it, I got as much water as I could out of it, but I can't do anything else so I guess they will have to sit for awhile.

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