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Thread: Engine heat

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    Engine heat

    I recently pulled the head and removed a stuck spark plug, reassembled everything, double checked camshaft degree per the manual. Water flow on the motor appears good, by water dumps in front and back of ski, no water in the bilge, but the engine in this ski runs hotter than the other 300x I own. The valve cover is getting hot enough you can't lay your hand on it after running on trailer for 3 or 4 minutes at partial throttle for testing. I'm wondering if this may have been a problem before the spark plug issue and didn't notice, or if this is something related to R and R of head. My plan now is to remove and inspect all water into and out of motor, especially the oil cooler. Any other ideas as to why it would run hot will be appreciated. Thx in advance.

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    Is it all really needed sounds a bit of a lame reason. The engine has overheat protection if there is a fault. You really need to ride it not test it on a trailer!!

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