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    Polaris SL SLT throttle cables ? 750

    95 sl750.

    Just swapped motors from another Polaris 750. Unsure of year and model.

    Anyways on my old motor the throttle and choke cables were mounted near the front of the motor.

    This new motor assembly has the mounts on the rear of the motor.

    Is the fix as simple as getting the cables for that motor setup?

    Does anyone know what year they had the cables mounted in the rear so I can find some used ones?

    All my other Polaris skis always had the cables running to the front part of the motor not the rear.

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    You sure the donor ski was not a 780?

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    It was likely from a 780. If you still have the intake manifold for the old 750, you can swap them out and rotate the carbs 180 degrees bringing the throttle back to the front. I prefer this setup and run my 780 this way. This allows access to the low speed and high speed adjusters and places them between the carbs and hull, not between the carbs and jugs (which makes it a pain to adjust)....

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