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    problem 250 ultra

    Hi guys, can I believe that none of you have had this problem with a Dick kawasaki ultra 250? think about buying 10 liters of gasoline and burning it. i tests and i have all 8.4 cilinder, the change injectors and not change, i clean my injectors and same problem, test intercooler for leak, air pressure sensor change , trotle body change, ignition coil cable and more and same problem , i dont change air temperature an fuel pump. I don't only ECU test, and i remember the test fuel pressure and is good, i don't no i use fuel for fire ski.thanks for all info.

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    are they STD injectors size ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirbreaksalot View Post
    are they STD injectors size ?
    yes all is stock. thanks

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    no solution to this problem?????????????????????

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