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    02 1200 Virage TXi Blown center cylinder

    Having issues with my Virage txi. It was running good, then it lost power. Got it out of the water, brought it home, to find it scorched the center cylinder and piston. Not seized, but it got very hot. I found a used cylinder, replaced the cylinder and piston, Checked compression in all 3, and they were good, 125, 130 (new one), and 125. Checked to make sure no lines were pinched. Put it in the water, and rode it around for 2 hours, with no problems. I went back to the dock, had the wife get on, to give her a ride, and within 100 yards, it scorched the center cylinder again. I'm lost. It ran great for 2 hours, then scorched the center cylinder again.

    What would cause this? I would think, if there was an issue, it would have scorched it within a couple mins, not after 2 hours of riding, then putting the wife on. I'm debating on fixing, selling as is, or parting it out.

    Looking for advice, on what would cause the center to go twice, second one after 2 hours of fast riding. Thanks for any input,


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    So the cause of the original failure was not determined, correct?

    Check fuel pressure. Should be over 20 PSI at the Schrader valve tee.

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