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    Running rich? / Impeller

    I'll try to keep it short and sweet, promise.

    Subject - 07 Challenger 180SE w/ 215 SCIC

    #1. I'm running rich. Wicked rich. My buddy has a 2012 210SE with dual 215's. We both ran the exact same routes yesterday (which was basically WOT for 15 miles, and 30mph'ish the 15 back, plus a little pleasure cruising). I used more gas than he did. I get no error messages or anything. And the only other indication I have for thinking I have a problem is a cold start issue. Any ideas? Anything I can check?

    #2. I received my new wear ring, impeller tool, and grease from Jerry last week. Pulled the jet drive this evening, and notice quite a bit of damage to the impeller. Is this something worth worrying over?

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    #3. Pulling my SC off tomorrow to send to Jerry for rebuild (85 hours now, just good maintenance). Anything else I should mess with while I'm in here (in the mindset of good maintenance)? I've got a 200 mile trip coming up, and I really don't want any surprises.

    Any and all advice great appreciated! Thanks in advance,

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    1. Basically you are running 1 motor trying to keep up with boat that has 2 and he does not have to run as hard as you, that's why you burned more fuel.
    2. I would replace or repair that prop. ( that will not help with your fuel economy also )
    3. Not really

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