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I'm sure I'm not the first and won't be the last so I'll post my experience recently on my 08 VX110.

It was running well but maybe slightly slow now that I think back on things. Let a friend ride it and he limped back saying "here's another one". It suddenly became slow while it maintained that nice smooth VX110 purrrr. Rps were only around 5700 to 6k and top speed about 15 to 25 on dreem meter.

Quick THANK YOU shout out to kwtony for a ton of texts on what to look for as well as boudin.

1. Pulled plugs (looked great)
2. Compression check (200 to 203 per cylinder) great on this 42hr motor.
3. Pulled the rubber pipe that connects to the front of the throttle body and sprayed the hinges of the butterfly valve with cleaner and then actuated it a few times.
4. Same plugs installed (couldnt get them today locally so had to re-use but they have only 1 hour on them.
5. Siphoned off 12 oz. Of oil because I am fairly sure it was overfilled.
6. Pulled the air filter and YUCK! There was a small amount (about a half ounce) of liquid on the bottom of the air filter housing. Smelled like sweet water and didnt have a very oily feel to it. The filter (above) I believe was saturated with this liquid last week when we ran it. I didnt have a replacement filter so I just removed it for the test run.
7. The 2 worm gear clamps were loose...the ones that secure the 4" long rubber boot to the aluminum exhaust pipe and to the big aluminum cylinder that is strapped to the wall on the side behind the motor and the rubber boot was NOT connected to the exhaust. I dont know if water passes through this boot but I'll bet it does and I'll bet thats where all the water came from in my hull last week lol. Hours and hours spent doing my first top end on a 4 stroke and it all could have been ruined by 2 darn hose clamps...yeesh!

Can't thank you guys enough for getting us up and running on the VX. It's a bit smaller than I prefer (love me some yami SUV!) But dang sure is quiet. Pulled the nephew and niece around on the big tube this evening and they loved it. What a great day.