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    New guy with two broken RXTs!

    Hello all. I've been a lurker for awhile but now am the proud owner of 2 broken RXTs. ( '05, '06 ). My brother bought both of them brand new and has had them serviced by the dealer ever since. We were out riding them last week and they both broke. One of them - Hard.. So hard that he sold them to me for dirt cheap. He has no mechanical background and just wanted to get rid of them and buy some new ones. I'm an auto tech with extensive exp but have never gone into one of these engines but am up for the challenge!

    1. First one I'm hoping just blew the SC. Max speed is @ 45ish. Took the intake tube off and the SC impeller is frozen/locked up tight. I've seen multiple threads about the washers, but this one seems more like a seized bearing and broken shaft??

    2. Second one - Oil light and beeping came on while riding about 30MPH or so and doing some mild turns. Shut it off and checked the oil, the level was fine. Started back up and rode a feet minutes and oil light and beep comes on again. Since we were 5 miles from the dock, he reduced the power to just over idle and limped back. Engine started making noise, slight ticking that got worse and worse as he continued. (I know, should have shut it off, but that's another story.) As we pulled up to the dock I could hear it making a knocking noise similar to a rod knock and then it stalled and quit running and now is locked up. Wont turn over.

    I plan to pull it apart and see what's going on. Hopefully it can be rebuilt or will have to go the route of a rebuilt engine. Any ideas or advice or direction to go in would be great. Or if someone could point me in the right direction as far as manuals to buy or threads that detail engine removal etc.

    I will keep this thread alive and post pics as I go.


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    First ski will need the motor removed and torn down to remove metal debris. Second one, start looking for a motor.

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    hope you didnt pay much! lol

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    You can download manuals for free at
    You can print of the sections you need only or print out the whole thing if you need it.

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    curious what happened to the second you guys think oil pump failed or something clogged?...if oil was good, what happened?

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    Those model years are notorious for supercharger bearing and valve failures, both of which are the same thing my ski has went through, and i'm also in a similar situation as you. Family member rode it, didn't take care of it, ski started acting funny and now I took it off their hands. The ski is currently in the shop with a full engine overhaul, failed ceramic bearings grenaded the engine and sent shrapnel everywhere, front main oil housings are trashed and a laundry list of more. Luckily the ski is now in good hands, had i known it was going to cost as much as it is I would've just went out and looked for a nicely used S3 ski, we're at about the same price. Though since my ski's internals are now upgraded, it's definitely more bulletproof and now I have some peace of mind.

    Take things one at a time, not sure if you're mechanically inclined or not but be methodical , i've built many cars from the ground up and the ski was still a challenge, a complete rebuild of the motor is where i drew the line.

    Goodluck to you and keep us updated !

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    you've come to the right place. We like pics and it gets the experts attention.

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    If the impeller is not moving(assuming it's still installed) that's a good thing.

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    Yeah...just because the sc touched down....don't mean it a deader.

    Pull the sc and see how many parts are still on the shaft. You may get lucky with that ski at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VaRedneck View Post
    Yeah...just because the sc touched down....don't mean it a deader.

    Pull the sc and see how many parts are still on the shaft. You may get lucky with that ski at least.
    I'd start here.

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